Our mission

Writing is an essential part of learning for children, and a stimulating, necessary activity for adults.

What does writing do?

There are many scientific studies showing that handwriting:

  • stimulates development of synaptic connections in the brain
  • helps with movement coordination and develops fine motor control (hand-eye coordination)
  • supports memory skills
  • helps to develop concentration
  • helps to structure thinking



Writing concerns us all!


In school, as well as for individual development


To express personality, for note-taking and memory development


For structured thinking, communications, etc.



BIC and writing

The BIC® Cristal ballpoint was created in 1950 and revolutionising handwriting.

In 2014, Bic launched a range specifically for learning to write, developed with the help of experts in psycho-motor skills, primary school teachers and children themselves.



The BIC writing mission


A combined approach to writing

Writing demands a good command of graphical skills combined with linguistic knowledge.

When pupils are writing they must be aware that they are forming shapes organised in a regulated way on the page, using a method for encoding and communicating the spoken language. 



Objectives of good learning

The ability to link hand movements together must be worked on in order to develop a natural, fluid handwriting.

Success in this learning process relies on:

  • good grapho-motor skills,
  • controlled grip of writing tools
  • proper body position
  • sustained attention, to establish a cognitive process with anticipation of actions.



Future developments

BIC® has been working for many years to develop writing tools that are more comfortable to use, and help achieve fluid hand movements.

On the website you will find:

  • support for developing motor control
  • the latest news
  • events associated with handwriting
  • coding and plastic arts activities.

At BIC® we're constantly looking ahead to better engage with this mission, and will continue to work on specific activities for 2016…