Good learning needs the right tools

BIC® has developed a range of products that help children to learn how to write.

This range of writing tools has been specifically designed with four to eight year olds in mind by a panel of expert psychomotor therapist and ergonomists, in order to facilitate the writing learning process.

These writing instruments have been developed after several studies and tests, which have been conducted on numerous children, on their design and functionality.



Properties of the pen


  • round shape that does not restrict the hand and helps to maintain a “flexing-extending” position, which in turn prevents any muscle fatigue.
  • nose cone (for the pens and the mechanical pencils in the range) that prevents fingers from being too close to the tip of the writing tool, improving visibility when writing.



  • The key feature is a visual guiding line that helps with the correct placement of their fingers, helping children to understand and adopt a proper grip. The visual guiding line helps to separate each finger correctly and prevents children from interlocking the index finger with the thumb or vice versa. The strong colour contrast of the guiding line also acts as a quick visual check.




  • AA range that is suitable for children who write using three fingers (tripod) as well as those who write with four fingers (quadripod); children who write with four fingers do not always find suitable writing instruments even though this finger positioning is 100% correct.


  • smaller size (around 12 cm) and a suitable diameter, the pen is designed for the hands of four to eight year olds, which usually measure between 10 to 14.5 cm.
  • Products are suitable for both left AND right handed children.