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The exercises for fine motor skills are intended to develop movements that encourage better coordination of fingers, hands and eyes, ... these are essential when learning to write...

They help to develop the pupil's autonomy in everyday activities, and increase self-confidence.

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Letters or groups of letters are seen to symbolise a sound in our alphabet and spelling-based writing system during coding, and not during decoding.

Coding helps the child understand the writing system and the correspondence between the sound and the letters or groups of letters, and thus enables the writing code to be memorised.

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Visual arts are a means of self-expression, a symbolic language everyone can use to communicate. They cover many forms of expression.

They encourage pupils in their development of sensitivity, imagination, critical sense, observation, creativity, and ideas of history, among other things.

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BIC has created a selection of bespoke lesson plans to help cultivate your students imagination, critical thinking, observation and creativity.

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