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Jean Luc Velay: Reading and writing: "It is the body that learns"

It can be observed that these days, handwriting is no longer used on a daily basis by most people. Is that a good reason for no longer teaching cursive script?

Jean-Luc Velay, researcher at the Cognitive Neurosciences laboratory in Marseille, has for many years been studying the interaction between writing and the brain. He considers joined-up or cursive writing to be the quickest and most efficient. It is acquired more effectively by children who adopt the correct body posture from the start. The movements used in writing play a major role in representation and memorisation of characters: learning to write by hand helps in acquiring better reading skills, as well as writing skills. This idea of the body's involvement in learning processes has only recently been taken into account, and is now a leading topic in this field.

Article from the Geneva daily newspaper LE TEMPS published March 2013