A Spaceship Has Landed KS 2


Educational objectives

  • Can I draw what I see?
  • Can I think imaginatively and show this in my drawing?
  • Can I carefully handle objects?
  • Can I write the name of objects?

Skills required and UK Key Stage

  • UK Key stage 2
  • Colouring
  • Art Crafting

Equipment suggestions

  • BIC® Kids Plastidecor® colouring crayons
  • BIC® Kids Visa™ colouring felt pens
  • BIC® Kids Ecolutions™ Evolution™ colouring pencils
  • Police tape (Black and yellow tape)
  • Warning sign (template attached)
  • Clear sandwich bags
  • White sticky labels
  • Cardboard box covered in foil for rocket (feel free to decorate further)
  • Jelly or gunge on a plastic mat on the floor
  • Wanted poster (template attached)
  • Magnify glasses
  • Spaceship picture (template attached)
  • Clipboards

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